An Amazing Olympic Story as told by John Ian Wing

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The Olympic Truce - Myth and Reality by Harvey Abrams

Extracts from his website: http://ablemedia,com/ctcweb/showcase/abrams.1.html


The Suez Crisis

A small boy's meaning of 'Peace'


The boy was concerned that some foreign Governments had high jacked the 1956 Olympic Games and were using their own athletes as a pawn in their game. There were boycotts, the segregation of athletes in the Village and the near riot during the water polo game between Russian and Hungarian players and even some of the spectators had joined in the fighting. The Olympic Movement was being torn apart and the IOC had no answer to the problem. In fact, all the IOC members left Australia in disgust. President Avery Brundage was left to pick up the pieces and bring the Games to a close.

Watching all of this was a young boy who had turned seventeen a few days before the Opening Ceremony. He was concerned that the Olympic Movement was being torn apart and that the Games would end in failure. He decided to do something about it and so he wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Wilfrid Kent Hughes. The boy wanted to hold a peace march during the Closing Ceremony. In his letter he wrote. "Let there be One Nation. War, politics and nationality will be all forgotten, what more could anybody want, if the whole world could be made as one nation".

President Brundage agreed to the boy's request and changed the rules of the Closing Ceremony. All the athletes agreed to join together regardless of colour, race or religion and enter the Stadium as One Olympic Nation. The Olympic Movement and the 1956 Olympic Games were saved.

One Dream One World One Nation


UN General Secretary
Ban Ki-moon says sport and youth can play a major role in bringing peace to the world

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